Providing A Safe & Comfortable Embarking-Disembarking Service For Your Crew

Maintaining crew morale and welfare on board and during extended periods away from home is critical to effective vessel operations. Thus, embarking and disembarking is a sensitive part of the crew’s life.

Complying with international regulations such as the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), All Seas Shipping Agency ensures the planning, organization, and coordination of crew movements from and to the vessel, as well as managing their medical needs, meals, and accommodation.

The Tunisian Merchant Marine Authority has given the green light to restart crew change activity at all Tunisian ports since November 30th, 2020 under some compulsory procedures/measurements of COVID-19.


Please note that the currency declaration is compulsory for all on/off-signers with cash exceeding the equivalent of TND ‪‪5000.00.

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A Full Crew Logistics Service

Crew logistics and crew change in Tunisian Ports

Crew Change

Crew change is essential to avoid risks to the mental and physical health of seafarers. All Seas Shipping Agency handles crew change in Tunisia smoothly and efficiently to ensure the well-being of your crew and the safety of the maritime trade.
Crew Travel & Transport

Crew Travel & Transport

We take care of arranging and coordinating the transportation of crew members to and from the vessel. This includes travel arrangements such as :
- Visa applications
- Flight bookings
- OK to board from Merchant Marine
- Ground transportation
Crew Welfare & Medical Assistance

Crew Welfare & Medical Assistance

Our extensive network of medical professionals and facilities in Tunisia allows us to provide timely medical assistance, including emergency surgery and first-aid, to any crew member.

Our Crew Logistics Experts

An experienced team to facilitate communication and ensure seamless coordination


Jalel Rahmani

Crew Change Manager


Mariem Kasdallah

Executive Assistant