4 Effective Ways to Cut On Shipping Costs for Small Businesses

As any business owner knows, expenses will always be associated with keeping the doors open. You must pay employee salaries, taxes, utilities, and more.

You also spend a lot of money on freight shipping, and as your business develops and expands, those costs will continue to rise. You may be trying to find ways to cut costs while keeping the same level of service for your customers as the cost of doing business increases.

Making a few easy adjustments can help you save both time and money.

1. Consolidate Your Shipments

The savings from consolidating in a single shipment can be as high as 25% compared to shipping multiple smaller loads. Consolidating multiple orders into one is a straightforward idea. Consolidation programs are popular among large corporations, and they can be helpful for your company, too.

Even though customers still receive the same quality product, consolidation can lead to significant cost savings while requiring less time overall. For one, it helps cut down on labor expenses, and two, it keeps the docks available.

2. Ship More Items Less Often

You can save money on shipping if you get your customers to buy in bulk or make larger orders. It’s more time and cost-effective to ship ten pallets in a single day than it is to send two pallets every two days.

Provide incentives for large purchases, such as free shipping over a certain threshold. The same principle applies if you are collaborating with stores. Incentives to buy in bulk will help them save money and boost their bottom line.

3. Create Connections with Shipping Agencies

Although it is common practice in today’s society to look for the best possible deal, building a lasting partnership with your shipping agency has advantages.

If the agency can find other customers in your area, it can create a more streamlined network with fewer dead ends, thanks to the contract terms. The more people who use a service, the more money they make, and the lower their prices can go.

More dedication to your carrier will be rewarded with more attention and care from the carrier. If your carrier experiences a shortage of available resources, they will prioritize the shipments of long-term customers who have consistently high freight volumes.

4. Understand Your Shipping Options

It is possible to transport items via ocean, air, or land. The cost of shipping by sea is lower than by air. Rail transport can be more cost-effective than trucking for locally sourced goods.

Transportation outsourcing is another choice that can save you 3-5% annually. Shippers operating their transportation fleets typically pay more than logistic transportation companies. It is crucial to find a trustworthy broker to work with when outsourcing.

Final Thoughts

Make it a priority to cut expenses and boost profits. Simple changes like using the same carrier, consolidation, and deciding on the most cost-effective transport method can significantly affect costs.

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