Admiral Container Lines & All Seas Shipping Agency: A Successful Partnership

Turkey is considered strategically and conveniently located between Europe, where much of the world’s political and economic power is concentrated, Asia, which has recently become a vital center of economic growth, and the Middle East and Africa, a growing market with plenty of resources.

Over the years, Turkey’s advantageous geographical location has played a role in the growth of its maritime sector and has enabled it to become one of the leading countries in transporting various types of goods.

As a result of these economic opportunities, several Turkish shipping companies with international networks and high quality services have emerged. One of them is Admiral Container Lines, which started operating in 1998 and has continued to grow and collaborate with local shipping companies all over the world to expand its services.

All Seas Shipping represents Admiral Container Lines in Tunisia

On May 26, 2021, almost a year ago, we announced the newly established partnership with Admiral Container Lines, where we were appointed as their agents in Tunisia. The first call was carried out by the M/V GRETA, on June 4, 2021. From that point on, we have performed 18 calls and carried about 3500 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit), figures that we are proud of because they reflect the smooth running of the partnership and the added value it has brought to Tunisian exporters and importers.

Imports and Exports Between 6 Countries & 3 Continents

This new service has opened the door for our customers to import and export their goods and to have access to a number of ports, including the ports of Istanbul, Gebze, Gemlike and Izmir ( Turkey), Novorossiysk (Russia), Odessa (Ukraine), Constanta (Romania) and Alexandria (Egypt) to the port of Sousse (Tunisia). The direct line enables access to reach 3 different continents, and therefore very rich markets with unlimited economic possibilities.

All Seas Shipping is currently contributing to the growth of Tunisia’s economy by enabling traders, exporters and importers to connect with more customers and businesses. Not only that, but we also do it with the priority of protecting your cargo and making sure that it reaches the final destination on time and without damage.

For updates on scheduled calls in the port of Sousse, visit our Facebook Page or Contact our Manager Mr Majdi BRIKI on  / or via mobile : +216 58 580 110

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