How to Manage a Ship Oversized Cargo?

Whether it’s construction equipment, or electrical machinery, many items can far exceed the conventional capacity of a freight container. Depending on the size and specific characteristics of the goods, experts in the field of transportation, such as All Seas Shipping Agency, will be able to provide the solution best suited to your needs. 

So, if your company is considering shipping oversized goods, keep reading this article to better understand the process and the measures that we take at All Seas Shipping. 

What is our process? 


To begin with, proper and practical packaging of the cargo is a very crucial step to avoid any damage that may be caused in transit. We know that your cargo is valuable and since our top priority is to deliver it safely to its final destination. We rely on effective and protective methods, including padding and blocking, which involve the use of various means to ensure that heavy and/or bulky items do not shift in their carriers/box during transport.

Customs Clearance

All Seas Shipping will handle customs clearance on your behalf. We assess the value of your cargo and, depending on the final destination, we take care of customs forms and put all our expertise at your disposal to help you navigate through these formalities. 

Loading & Unloading 

With our reliable equipment and the presence of a team of experts at both points, we carry out the loading and unloading in complete safety and with the guarantee that your cargo remains intact. 

Tracking Your Cargo 

We will always keep an eye on your shipment from the point of loading until it arrives and our customer service team will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the shipment of your oversized cargo. Our preference is to keep you informed of the process and how we do things in advance to ensure a smooth and seamless operation. 

Get your Oversized Cargo Transported with All Seas Shipping 

We will professionally provide the services you deserve with a short transit time, a focus on safety and secure packaging, and above all a team of experts dedicated to managing your oversized cargo transported to or from Tunisia. Apart from assigning experts to handle your cargo, thanks to our international network, we take care of loading and unloading equipment to guarantee that the operation runs smoothly.

For more information on our project cargo services and transporting oversized cargo, send an email to : or contact us via whatsapp : +21658580105 

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