Everything You Need to Know About Project Cargo

Project cargo, also commonly called project logistics or project forwarding is the shipping of huge, complicated, and costly equipment and commodities. It also involves breakbulk shipments such as products in boxes, bags, and crates.

This process involves extensive planning and the use of cranes, trucks, and specialized ships.

Additionally, project cargo has predefined schedules and delivery dates that make them some of the most intricate projects to manage in the shipping industry.

Assuring efficiency is crucial when it comes to project cargo transportation.

Industries That Are Involved in Project Cargo Transportation

Project cargo shipping is the go-to option for many industries. The needs of various companies are evolving and changing with newer sectors immerging to meet the demands of the modern world.

For the most part, companies in the construction, mining, and energy sectors are the ones that turn to project cargo.

Some of the projects may revolve around:

  • Engineering
  • Power and Energy
  • Wind Farms
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Military and Defense
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Procurement and Construction
  • Automotive

What Is Involved In Project Cargo

Project cargo demands qualified and experienced personnel to design, implement, and plan logistics projects like:

  • Onsite Logistics
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Chartering
  • Warehouse Supervision
  • Site Surveys
  • Turn-key Projects
  • Multimodal Freighting Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Heavy Cargo Study

Choosing A Qualified Transportation Provider

Because of the intricacy of project cargo, the quality of the transportation provider services matters the most.

When looking for a qualified shipping partner, choose one:

  • With a skilled and qualified engineering team
  • With a broad knowledge of equipment such as cranes and haulers.
  • With financial capabilities to assume risks and liability
  • With transparency and accuracy of pricing
  • With proactive communication and impeccable customer relations
  • With proven experience in planning and managing project cargo

All Seas Shipping provides you with all the requirements mentioned above and more.


Planning and executing project cargo is a complicated and intricate process. It requires more resources and planning than most other sectors of logistics. As such, the All Seas Shipping team is ready to help.

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