Sea Freight Shipping – What Is It and Why Use It?

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For companies dealing in international trade, importing, and exporting goods around the world is an integral part of their business. When it comes to large quantities of consumer merchandise, Sea Freight can be an excellent choice.

The costs of using vessels for shipping have declined significantly over the years while their cargo capacity has grown. For these reasons and many more, there is no wonder Ship Freight is a popular option for many corporations.

Sea Freight Definition: What is it exactly?

Sea Freight is the process of shipping goods by sea using containers arranged on vessels specialized for it.

There are various methods of Sea Freight, which include but are not limited to:

  • Full Container Load (FCL) refers to the full use of containers for one single shipment.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) is suitable for small cargo. The shipping company loads various goods into one container belonging to different suppliers.
  • Dry Bulk Shipping is the process of loading unpackaged commodities such as metals and aggregates into the cargo hold without the need for a container.

Why You Should Consider Sea Freight

There are good reasons why Sea Freight gained such popularity in the importing and exporting products domain, especially when moving cargo for long distances.

Here are several advantages for why shipping by sea is such an attractive option:

  • Sea Freight is a cost-effective shipping method.
  • Vessels can handle heavy and large loads. They can even ship vehicles and furniture.
  • Sea Freight has many options to handle different cargo types and volumes.
  • Sea shipping is more environment-friendly than other means of transport. 

All Seas Shipping provides the full suite of vessel transportation services with years of expertise to back it up.

How Does Sea Freight Work?

Since the process is a complex and daunting one, when choosing sea shipping as the option to importing and exporting goods, companies refer to working with a specialist to manage their sea freight. Involving a Freight Forwarder is an effective way to have risk-free management of shipping.

Here are the steps involved in Sea Freight:

  1. Choosing the shipping company required and negotiating the fees
  2. The shipping company transports the goods and commodities from the supplier to the port, passing through a customs agency.
  3. The shipment is loaded into containers according to one of the methods discussed earlier (FCL, LCL, or Dry Bulk)
  4. The containers are placed on the vessel for the journey ahead
  5. When the shipment reaches its destination, the cargo passes through customs again
  6. After paying all the taxes and duty fees, the cargo is released
  7. The goods are delivered to their final destination


Choosing Sea Freight to ship your commodities can be easily managed when you have the right company at your side.

All Seas Shipping is one of the biggest actors in the shipping industry in Tunis. It has the expertise and the dedication to help you along your importing and exporting journey.

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